Monday, February 25, 2013

Best Dressed: Oscars 2013

I'm usually really into award season. All of it fascinates me- who is chosen to win, the fantastic performances, gorgeous celebrities, and designer gowns, all in one place. I had missed the red carpet and beginning portion of the previous shows this season. However, last night for the Oscars I soaked it all in. Whose dress were you in love with last night? I'm going to use this post to share my favorites with you.

Jennifer Lawrence is just perfect. Her acting is phenomenal, she is hilarious, she always looks gorgeous, and her gowns are always perfect. This Christian Dior dress was beyond beautiful. It was classic and dramatic all at once, and it was perfect for picking up Best Actress. Go Jen!
Amy Adams looked like a princess in her Oscar de la Renta gown. I love how huge and dramatic the fluttering skirt is! She kept her jewelry simple so that it wouldn't compete with the dress.
Jessica Chastain rocked her Armani Prive dress! The nude color was definitely a risk, but she wore it perfectly. The detailing on it was beautiful, and her rid lip pulled it all together. 

Those were my top three! Here's a peek at the glamorous party we hosted at my house. By glamorous I mean that my brother and I dressed up, our whole family watched the show in the living room, and we had milkshakes.
{the brother and I, like his shoes?}

{fancy night in heels}

{Bella was obviously the most interested}


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  1. Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous. I love her makeup. Your heels are amazing. I didn't get to watch the awards so I love your hightlights!!!


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