Thursday, December 19, 2013

Where Have I Been?!?

I have been absent for a ridiculous amount of time, and I really am sorry. I've had a crazy busy schedule this year, but our computers have been the thing that's really messing me up. The one that I import pictures to has been messed up, so I haven't been able to upload any pictures, making extremely frustrating! I've done some exciting things including L.A. last month, but I haven't been able to share any of it. I'm hoping to fix some of these issues when I have more time over the break, but I thought you deserved an explanation. I'll find a way to do some posts over break no matter what. I miss blogging so much!! You can follow @simplydaring on Instagram where I will be posting some upcoming outfit of the days.



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall/ Winter Wish List 2013

Last year, one of my post popular posts was my fall/ winter wishlist! I think this is a super fun post because it's an excuse to go online shopping and mentally create perfect outfits. Also, I want to apologize for being so off the grid. Freshman year has been hitting me hard. Anyways, enjoy this season's wishlist!

White Converse- Like everybody else in America, I'm obsessed with white converse right now. I think the high-top version makes any outfit so much cooler, and they go with seriously everything. I actually picked up my pair in August and have been wearing them nonstop. 

Polka Dotted Tights- Fun tights are the best way to keep skirts, dresses, and cutoffs still wearable once it gets chilly. This pair is unique but still simple!

Black Skinnies- American Eagle jeggings may just be the best pair of pants you will ever find. They feel like leggings and  are ultra-flattering, well-made, AND affordable. This pair and my ripped pair from last year have been on constant rotation.

Kimono- I love the pretty, effortless look that comes with kimonos. This one from Brandy Melville looks perfect for any time of the year due to its neutral colors. Layering it over jeans and a tee would easily create fall and winter outfits.

Metallic Sweater- Sweaters are usually all I wear besides button downs when the weather allows it. I wanted a cozy one that still had shine, so I picked up this beauty at Maude last month!

The xx Shirt- It's no secret that the xx is my favorite band! I know this isn't an official band tee, but it would be so perfect oversize with a cardigan, combat boots, and leggings.

Nude Flats- I feel like neutral flats are something that every girl should own, but I don't have any. This pair from Lucky is on my list because of the light color and elegant design.

What are you purchasing for the colder seasons?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Warming Up

{Target dress, American Eagle vest, Steve Madden boots}

For the approaching fall season, it can be fun to use creativity for making summer pieces still work. Today's outfit would be perfect for a crisp, early fall day. (Pretend that happens in Arkansas; it's either burning or freezing, except for today's perfect weather.) Adding in pieces like boots, sweaters, and pants is a super easy way to make the transition. 

Although I've never blogged it, this printed dress has been one of my favorites since I picked it up at Target last spring. To warm it up more, I threw on this absolutely perfect military vest. My tan lace up boots added to the earthy tones, and jewelry was an easy finish! I wore this outfit to church the other Sunday, and I'm sure it will be repeated soon.

{pictures by tori}


Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Favorites

This summer I fell in love with so many different styles, events, and new things. So many unforgettable memories were made with my best friends. Here a just a few of the things I loved most in summer 2013:


Cutoffs- These babies from Vintage Violet were by far the most worn piece in my closet.  They're perfectly bleached and distressed; plus they can be worn with literally anything.

Chacos- I wear these shoes at some point every day from March to October. They are the most comfortable, easy to slip on, durable sandals available to purchase. This is my third year wearing this pair, and they're still perfectly intact.

Tie-Dye Dress- This denim dress from American Eagle is so versatile and wearable! It's fit is ultra-flattering as well.

Striped Maxi Skirt- The soft material of this skirt tricks you into thinking you're wearing sweats-- but you look cute! A super easy way to wear it is with a basic tank and statement necklace. Worn here.

Printed Tie Top- Wearing this tank adds a different feel to any pair of shorts! The colors in the print are all so fun and perfect for this season. Worn here.


Two Door Cinema Club- I've been listening to this band non-stop because their unique, upbeat sound is perfect for summer. Some of my favorite songs from them are "What You Know", "Undercover Martyn", and "Sun".

Sweet Tea- This was the summer I became unhealthily obsessed with sweet tea and drank more than any human ever should. It's wonderful.

Candy Crush- HUGE DISCLAIMER: DO NOT START THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY. It's ridiculously addictive, and you will fall into the trap that was the indirect cause of my first iPhone breakage.  Way too much of my summer was spent on this game. But I still love it.

Rend Collective Experiment- Oh my goodness, this is the most joyful, praising, uplifting band! Any song by them leaves me smiling and wanting more of Jesus. Listen to "You Bled", "Movements", "Build Your Kingdom Here", and "Second Chance".

Wakarusa- That weekend was an experience I will never in my life forget. Here is the full post I did on it.

What did you love this summer??


Friday, August 9, 2013

One Shirt Two Ways: Fall

Over the past few weeks, I have been teaming up with Annie from Little Miss Daring for this collab post! You can see both of our fall outfits featuring a denim shirt on my blog, and the summer outfits are on hers.

My outfit pairs the denim shirt with the most comfortable maxi skirt I own! For color and detail, I added this recently purchased pink necklace. My black combat boots completed the look since they are constantly worn in the fall.

Annie's approach at the look was so creative and girly! The usual rule is to not wear a denim top with jeans, but she made it work by adding the perfect crotchet tank over her ripped skinnies and polka dot chambray. A coral necklace brings in color, and her flats add sparkle. Such a great outfit for fall!

Other outfits featuring a denim shirt on my blog here and here and here!
Be sure to check out the summer post on Annie's blog!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

DIY Eyelet Shorts + August Playlist

I hate saying this, but summer is coming to an end! My school starts on Thursday, and I don't know if I'm going to be able to deal with it. No need to fear though, I have lots of summer themed posts still planned!

This spring and summer I have been obsessed with white eyelet! These shorts have been on constant rotation all summer, but I needed a more casual pair.  Since I have owned this pair of American Eagle cutoffs for two years and the length was becoming questionable, I decided to fix them up. The result is a super easy DIY!


Denim Shorts
Eyelet Trimming
Sewing Machine
Navy Thread

Step One: Turn shorts inside out and pin eyelet material to inside.

Step Two: Sew eyelet trim to shorts.

Finished Product:

My playlist for this month is for keeping the last days of summer close to your heart. I used songs that would be more commonly known so you could sing along with your friends late at night! Belt out Call Me Maybe, which I would have used never otherwise, and make memories!


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Maxi in the Woods

{Target skirt and sandals, Forever 21 tankMaude belt, Savoir-Faire necklace, Nordstrom watch}

Guys, I just got back from spending  the most incredible week at camp with some of my very best friends. I'll just say this: Jesus is incredible and wonderful and perfect and fullfilling. He did things in me over the past five days that I didn't even know were possible, and I am overflowing with joy as I type this!

Maxi skirts are my favorite because they are so so so versatile. The piece can be made dramatic, casual, romantic, or eclectic! The fabric of this black skirt is just perfect for transforming looks. Since it's full at the bottom, the skirt looks best with a fitted tank or top. I added this large belt to add more shape and drama to the outfit. A statement necklace goes perfectly with a plain, open neck tank. Sandals that match the skirt's color are the best option for your feet.

Courtney took these pictures, and I am just in love with the way they turned out. This may possibly be my favorite set of outfit pictures for Simply Daring!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I thought I would use this post to show you where I'm getting inspiration this summer!

I'm always looking for more blogs, magazines, and friends to inspire me, so let me know if you have suggestions. :)


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lunch Date

A classic look for a nice lunch out never fails AND is one of the easiest outfits to put together. Two staple pieces are truly required: a button front shirt and a pair of flats. 

I fell in love with this top's spearmint color as soon as I spotted it at the J.Crew Outlet in Texas; to me it's a more timeless version of mint. The $25 price tag was an added bonus! You simply can't pass on a classic J.Crew shirt marked down to almost one-third of the original price. To make the shirt feel less office-material, I skipped ironing and rolled the sleeves! 

My pale pink, point-toe flats play well with the color scheme. Try not to notice my Chaco tan... Or do. I'm pretty proud of it. :) White denim shorts are another summer staple. Rose gold jewelry (to match the cap toe), and a side pony are finishing touches.

It's been especially hot in Arkansas this past week- the kind of hot that leaves you either in the pool or air conditioning. However, the best part of my summer is approaching so quickly! Next Friday, Courtney, the lovely photographer of these pictures, and I are seeing ONE DIRECTION in concert! The day after that will be spent watching my aunt get married and celebrating. Two days later I leave for camp. Like I said in a previous post, my whole summer basically happens that week!