Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall/ Winter Wish List 2013

Last year, one of my post popular posts was my fall/ winter wishlist! I think this is a super fun post because it's an excuse to go online shopping and mentally create perfect outfits. Also, I want to apologize for being so off the grid. Freshman year has been hitting me hard. Anyways, enjoy this season's wishlist!

White Converse- Like everybody else in America, I'm obsessed with white converse right now. I think the high-top version makes any outfit so much cooler, and they go with seriously everything. I actually picked up my pair in August and have been wearing them nonstop. 

Polka Dotted Tights- Fun tights are the best way to keep skirts, dresses, and cutoffs still wearable once it gets chilly. This pair is unique but still simple!

Black Skinnies- American Eagle jeggings may just be the best pair of pants you will ever find. They feel like leggings and  are ultra-flattering, well-made, AND affordable. This pair and my ripped pair from last year have been on constant rotation.

Kimono- I love the pretty, effortless look that comes with kimonos. This one from Brandy Melville looks perfect for any time of the year due to its neutral colors. Layering it over jeans and a tee would easily create fall and winter outfits.

Metallic Sweater- Sweaters are usually all I wear besides button downs when the weather allows it. I wanted a cozy one that still had shine, so I picked up this beauty at Maude last month!

The xx Shirt- It's no secret that the xx is my favorite band! I know this isn't an official band tee, but it would be so perfect oversize with a cardigan, combat boots, and leggings.

Nude Flats- I feel like neutral flats are something that every girl should own, but I don't have any. This pair from Lucky is on my list because of the light color and elegant design.

What are you purchasing for the colder seasons?