Monday, December 31, 2012


It's crazy to think that at midnight it will be a new year! This may sound cliche, but 2012 seemed to fly by. I feel like since I was so busy, the year went by when I blinked. I started the blog in late May, and I've loved posting and reading sweet comments so much! I truly am thankful for everyone who checks and follows my blog. Here is a brief review of 2012:

Most Popular Posts:

1. Sequins and Lace Pockets -- This was hands down the most viewed blog post! It featured an outfit and a DIY for adding lace pockets to denim shorts. 

2. Just Feeding Horses -- These pictures were definitely some of my favorites! I loved taking pictures with Courtney's neighbors horses. At first I was nervous because they're so huge, but as soon as I got used to feeding them grass out of my hand I was smiling.

3. First Post -- As you can tell by the title, this was my first post. I told about myself and what the blog would be about. Also, I introduced and explained my style. Even 6 months later, my style has already evolved. Then, I would have never thought about wearing an edgy piece!

4. DIY Tank -- This is another DIY! It shows how to turn a huge, old t-shirt into a cute tank! These are perfect for summer and working out!

5. Fall/ Winter Wish List -- Almost every season I make a list of pieces that I'm wanting to add to my wardrobe. I decided to make a post out of my fall/ winter list this year. Since it was enjoyed, I'm going to make one for spring and summer this year!

Accomplishments this Year: 2012 was a big year for me! Many things happened, and I've told about some of them, but I want to do a recap.
- I was baptized! This might be my favorite.  I have been a Christian for years, but this is the year I have really felt closeness to God. Now, I try to make Him my top priority. I'm so glad that I took this leap of faith in June! To make it even sweeter, my dad baptized me on Father's Day.
-  I switched schools at the start of this year. This was a huge decision for me to make. I left the public school where all of my friends went to go to a small, academic-based school. I'm currently loving my time and the push to be better that comes from going there! I have made new friends while keeping my old ones and kept my all A academic record.
- My first cross country and track seasons were this year! I love running, and I was finally old enough to join my school teams this year. I had so much fun running the 800m and the 4 by 800m relay in track. However, I loved the 2 mile and 5k races in cross country even more. I can't wait for next year!
- Starting this blog was a huge accomplishment for me this year! In the past I've loved spending time putting together outfits, reading blogs, and studying fashion magazines. It was a dream for me to make this. I didn't think that anyone besides my friends and family would read it, so I was astonished when I saw views from so many different countries!
- I've had so much more happiness this year. Through all that I do, I feel more fulfilled than I have in the past. I owe it to God and to doing things that I enjoy. I love running and blogging. Having an open mind towards things helps me enjoy the little beauties in life. 

I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store! Comment what your New Years Resolutions are! I've been having a tough time coming up with mine. My main ones are drinking more water and blogging more consistently. Follow on Facebook, Instagram (@simplydaring), Blog Lovin, and Lookbook!

Have a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Sparkly Tank: 3 Ways

I received this tank covered in sequins as a Christmas gift from my parents. It's from Maude in Fayetteville, and I thought it would be prefect for New Year's! Instead of just giving you one outfit, I created three. They are each different styles, and I hope they give you inspiration for your New Year's outfit this year!

Outfit One: Classic Party
{mom's Gap blazer, Maude tankForever 21 skirt, mom's Gap heeled booties,
American Eagle watch and earrings, Skye on the Town ring} 

I feel like this outfit is in the style of a typical New Year's party. The skirt and heels dress up the tank and make it girly. Adding a black blazer keeps you looking put together. Throw on some jewelry to make it personal, and curl your hair for a fun night!

Outfit Two: Edge it Up
{Masons leather jacket, Maude tankVintage Violet cutoffs, 
Make this glam tank edgy with a leather jacket, distressed cutoffs, and combat boots. A gold statement necklace adds some more drama to the outfit. Finish the look with a high pony and black winged liner.

Outfit Three: Relaxed-but-Spirited

If you're going to a casual get together with friends or you just want to be cozy, this is the perfect outfit for you! You stay comfortable, but you still show your New Year's spirit by wearing the sequined tank. Add a bracelet and some earrings to your easy hairstyle, and you're finished!


Monday, December 24, 2012

DIY Christmas Gifts

This is super late, I know, but I promised a DIY gift guide. I had finals last week and had to finish these gifts. Also, I just got back in town from family Christmas an hour ago. I've been extremely busy, but I wanted to post this so badly! I hope this gives you inspiration. I don't know if you will be able to do any of these before tomorrow morning; however, they could be late gifts or ideas for next year. Enjoy!

Gift One: Painted Canvas with a Quote on It
This is a gift the recipient will adore because you can make it completely personal to them! You can pick one of their favorite quotes or Bible verses, paint it to match their room, and add photos or extra detailing like glitter. I'm not the most artistic person but the ones I painted turned out well. My friends loved them because they knew it took much more thought to make than to buy a shirt.

Gift Two: Cute Food Item
I wanted to give easy-but-cute gifts to my friends at school and youth group this year. I decided to go for this cute idea! My mom and I worked together to make these cups that resembled Santa's belt and pants. They were super simple; you just hot glue a ribbon to the top of a red Solo cup and add a washer as the belt buckle. The treat we put inside was Cap'n Crunch and pretzels with melted white chocolate on them-- delicious!

Gift Three: Sock Bun Sock

This gift is definitely the easiest one on the list! It take about 5 minutes to make. All you need is a tall sock and scissors. First, cut part of the sock off, including the toe. Then, roll the sock to make a donut shape. Roll your ponytail around it to transform your hair into one of the cutest trends.

{Roll the long section}
{End product}
{how to via Hello, Framboise!}


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Classic Prep

{abercrombie cardigan, Hollister shirt,
Gap cords, MIA Boots}

To me, this outfit is the epitome of original Abercrombie! It has simple, preppy details, but it manages to feel modern. The general pieces were what made this work: a button down, a cardigan, skinny pants, and riding boots. I altered the model outfit to my style by switching skinny jeans for cord jeggings and wearing a colored cardigan.
{Courtney took the pictures including this amazing one of my eyes}

Okay guys, so I'm for real getting back into regularly blogging soon. I have finals Thursday and Friday, though. After that, I have Christmas break for two and a half weeks and I have some exciting plans for posts! Be expecting a couple of outfits, DIY gifts, favorite beauty and fashion YouTubers, and others! Follow me on BloglovinFacebook, and Instagram (@simplydaring)!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is only 11 days away, but you might still be looking for presents! Since I've had trouble with this in the past, I decided to put together a gift guide. Hopefully the items on this list will help you find gifts for your friends, sisters, moms and cousins. I'm so so sorry that I haven't been posting lately, but I've been extremely busy. I've also had a load of homework every night that I've needed to do. Be expecting more posts soon, though. I'm going to be posting a DIY gift guide before Christmas, so get excited!

-Nail Polish is always a fantastic gift for anyone on your list. Whenever they use it to paint their nails, they'll think of you! You can pick out one of their favorite colors or one that reminds you of the holiday season. 

            {OPI Goldeneye}                                                       {Essie Beyond Cozy}

    {Butter London Chimney Sweep}                                       {Butter London Lovely Jubbly}

-Knit Headbands are absolutely adorable for the colder months! Not only do they keep your ears warm, but they keep you looking cute in the snow. There are so many different varieties,so you can make them personal for whoever you are gifting them to. 

-Scarves are such a versatile accessory! During the fall and winter I practically live in them. There's this magical quality in them that makes any outfit instantly look nicer. Also, they come in so many prints and styles!

-IPhone Cases are a gift that you know will be used every day! Girls always are using their phones, so this gift will constantly remind them of you! You can purchase pretty much any kind of case you can imagine!

Of course, those are only a couple suggestions for presents! Others include jewelry, clothes, books, movies, or makeup. Hopefully you found this helpful.Check back soon!