Saturday, July 27, 2013

Maxi in the Woods

{Target skirt and sandals, Forever 21 tankMaude belt, Savoir-Faire necklace, Nordstrom watch}

Guys, I just got back from spending  the most incredible week at camp with some of my very best friends. I'll just say this: Jesus is incredible and wonderful and perfect and fullfilling. He did things in me over the past five days that I didn't even know were possible, and I am overflowing with joy as I type this!

Maxi skirts are my favorite because they are so so so versatile. The piece can be made dramatic, casual, romantic, or eclectic! The fabric of this black skirt is just perfect for transforming looks. Since it's full at the bottom, the skirt looks best with a fitted tank or top. I added this large belt to add more shape and drama to the outfit. A statement necklace goes perfectly with a plain, open neck tank. Sandals that match the skirt's color are the best option for your feet.

Courtney took these pictures, and I am just in love with the way they turned out. This may possibly be my favorite set of outfit pictures for Simply Daring!



  1. cute dress!! the floral touch is soo lovely!! :)

  2. this is adorable!!! love your blog!!

  3. You are beautiful! I love the floral belt so much,


  4. Great look, that necklace is so gorgeous.

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