Monday, November 26, 2012

Studded Collar

Target shirt, abercrombie jeansTarget shoes

My obsession with detailed button down shirts continues. Gold studs embellish the collar of this otherwise plain black button down. I was at Target the other day with one of my friends when I saw this shirt. I didn't have money with me then, but I was so in love with it that I had my mom drive me back the next day so I could purchase it. The shirt is simple, but the studs make it memorable.. Simply daring! ;) I couldn't resist. I decided to add my leopard loafers since the shirt sort of has a diva vibe to it. 

{Courtney took all of these gorgeous pictures}


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give Thanks

There are so many amazing things in my life that I forget to be thankful for each day! Thanksgiving really makes you think about everything in your life. I would like to use this post to share some of the things that I am the most thankful for this year!

- I am especially thankful for a God who loves me completely and endlessly no matter what I'm going through, how deep my sin is, how I look, what I wear, or how good I am at something!

- I'm super thankful for my family who is always there to support and help me.

- I am  blessed to have friends who love me, make me laugh, and listen to me.

- I'm so thankful for my cell group because they help me grow in Christ every second I'm with them and help me be completely real with what's going on in my life.

- I often take this for granted, but I'm thankful for a nice home with a warm bed and everything I need plus more.

- I'm grateful that I'm able to go to the best school in Arkansas and that I'm driven to make good grades.

- I'm thankful to be fortunate enough to be healthy and able to run.

- I'm always thankful for a cup of coffee from my favorite local coffee shop, Mama Carmen's.

- I am thankful that I have the confidence to be myself and not just like what everybody else does.

- Last, I'm thankful for this blog and for all of my readers!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Whether you feasted with family or friends, I hope you all had a good time. I urge you all to put together a list of what you are thankful for. It really opens up your eyes to all of the big and small blessings in your life! I had a photo shoot with Courtney yesterday with four different outfits, so be expecting new posts soon.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Keepin' Warm

Pac Sun top, abercrombie cardigan,

On some fall days, it's so chilly that you have to bundle up to keep from freezing. You need pieces that will keep you warm and looking stylish at the same time. This outfit features some of those!

Even when it's cold, you still want to stand out. The purple in the top is a gorgeous eye catching color! To add a little more to the outfit, put a navy cardigan over the top and add dark skinnies. A cute lace up ankle boot is the perfect shoe. The ear warmer, though, is the main feature of the outfit. It can keep your ears warm, hide a bad hair day, and make you look adorable all at the time time!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red Cords

You guys know that I've been appreciating and leaning towards some edgier pieces lately. There's a certain something that I just love about a piece that's a little rough. In this outfit, it's my black combat boots. Since I received them as a gift on my birthday, I have been absolutely adoring them and wearing the beauties with everything.

I was considering purchasing red skinny jeans, but I wanted something different than what everyone else had. These boyfriend fit red cords were the perfect option! They stand out while being super comfortable. A grey and black striped shirt keeps the colors neutral on top. I wore my hair in a high ponytail to help play up the edginess.