Friday, June 14, 2013

Eyelet Occasion

{Target tank, Forever 21 denim shirt, Savoir-Faire bracelet, Gap ShortsGap sandals}

Beyond exciting news: School is out! Our first day of summer was officially June 1st, but my schedule has been packed with Wakarusa, a family getaway to Texas, and soaking up time with friends. My favorite season means months of hot, lazy days with friends, lake trips, and snow cones. I should have more time to post, and I have a few planned including a review on my first music festival!

To me, summer outfits should have a carefree vibe to them. That doesn't necessarily mean sloppy tshirts and skimpy shorts, but what you put together shouldn't be as complicated as a layered winter look. That being said, sometimes it can be difficult to pick out a cute outfit with just a tank and shorts. Summer dressing is all about having the right pieces!
These white eyelet shorts are going to be a staple piece for me this summer. Somehow, they have a beachy feel AND are put together without looking too fussy. The bright pink tank adds a fun tone to the outfit that makes it seem even more right for summer. My denim shirt, which is now perfectly broken in, kept the outfit more appropriate for the weather that day!
{pictures by Courtney}



  1. I love the look! And can I please take your shorts from you?Lol :) Nice blog too!

    Stay Fabulous.

  2. These pictures are so so lovely!! Your smile is so adorable andI absolutely loove those shorts, they look great on yyou :) schools in the us always break up so so early it's really sad :( thankfully my last exam is tomorrow which means my summer starts after that but normally it would finished around mid july!

  3. Love the look!

  4. Very cute look, love the colours!


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