Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY: Lilly Pulitzer Vans

Lately, I have been absolutely adoring Lilly Pulitzer's prints and designs. My obsession was fueled when my mom recently gave me some of her old Lilly pieces. I've also seen lots of people purchasing Vans or Vans knock offs to paint creative designs on them. When I saw a $15 pair at Target, I figured I could combine my two current loves.

-Fabric Paint in WhiteBlue, and Pink 
-White Canvas Shoes
-Paint Brushes and Sponge
-Newspaper for Surface
-Painters Tape

Step One:
Set up your work space with newspaper to protect the surface. Remove laces from shoes, and put painters tape around the outside edge of the shoe.

Step Two:
Use the sponge to paint the shoe blue. Paint the front piping blue.

Step Three:
Paint the remaining piping pink.

Step Four:
Mix the pink and white to create a lighter pink, and start outlining the shapes of the roses. 

Step Five:
Keep mixing the pink and white and adding layers of color.

Step Six:
Add white accents to the roses.

Step Seven:
Lace your shoes back up and wear!:)

I hope you enjoyed this!


  1. Ah, I love these! They are so cute and turned out so good -- a lot better looking than if I tried to paint my shoes! x

  2. So cute! this is such a great DIY idea! Definitely going to try this :) Love aimee


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