Sunday, September 29, 2013

Warming Up

{Target dress, American Eagle vest, Steve Madden boots}

For the approaching fall season, it can be fun to use creativity for making summer pieces still work. Today's outfit would be perfect for a crisp, early fall day. (Pretend that happens in Arkansas; it's either burning or freezing, except for today's perfect weather.) Adding in pieces like boots, sweaters, and pants is a super easy way to make the transition. 

Although I've never blogged it, this printed dress has been one of my favorites since I picked it up at Target last spring. To warm it up more, I threw on this absolutely perfect military vest. My tan lace up boots added to the earthy tones, and jewelry was an easy finish! I wore this outfit to church the other Sunday, and I'm sure it will be repeated soon.

{pictures by tori}



  1. i just adore ur printed dress!! very pretty :)

  2. Cute look! Here in SA we're going into summer at last so we're packing away layers and pulling out teh skimpy shorts!
    Tipsy Tart


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