Friday, April 5, 2013

Confessional Friday

I've been wanting for my blog readers to get a better taste of my personality lately. If you just read my blog, you might think I'm just another "fashion obsessed teenager." That's honestly not how I am in real life. So you all could learn a little more about me, I'm linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday today!

I confess... It has been tough getting back to school. I'm still getting over Spring Break and how amazing the mission trip was. I'm missing the smiling kids, my amazing group, and getting to serve the Lord like that. At least I've had an excuse to have coffee every day since I got back.

{sweet Aileen}

I confess... I got my doubles pierced last Sunday, and I have never loved wearing earrings more. I had been wanting to get them for almost a year, and the results lined up perfectly with my expectations.

I confess... I can't stand country music. Since I live in Arkansas everybody apparently thinks it's mandatory to love it. I'm sorry, but it just annoys me so much. I still respect what you like even if I can't listen to it for two minutes.

I confess... Makeup is just too much work sometimes. I'm up to going to school makeup free two or three days a week now, and it's just so much nicer.

I confess... I'm wearing my Santa pajama pants right now. Who cares if it's April?!

I confess... I. Love. Sloths. They are my favorite animals, and I may or may not have a folder on my phone with almost 100 sloth pictures.

I confess... I am beyond excited for my first school dance tonight. I'm just going with friends, but I get to wear a fancy dress, curl my hair, and get my makeup done at the MAC counter! Expect pictures to be coming from Baby Prom! (It's prom for 8th and 9th graders.)

What do you have to confess?



  1. That's a lie. Remember the time you told me all about how clothes were the second most important thing in life after God and before family and friends? I REMEMBER. I NEVER FORGET. NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  2. i've been considering a second piercing...looks good!
    xoxo from nyc &

  3. Love that picture of you with Aileen!
    God Bless!
    John 3:16 and Philippians 4:13

  4. Hi!! Thank you for your comment!! Follow you on bloglovin ;)

  5. What a cool post, I love this idea of a confessional to get to know you better. And you gotta be the only American I know who hates country music, yay! There's hope after all LOL


  6. Cute post!! I also hate country music and love sloths :)

    Erica of

  7. I love finding out more about other bloggers!

  8. I love those kind of post ,you get to know better who you're reading!

    Carly's Closet


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