Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tough it Out

{American Eagle vest, top, jeans, shoes, watch, Savoir-Faire stud bracelet, KetiSorely Monogram Necklace}

If you have been reading my blog for long, you know that you can typically find an edgier piece in each outfit I wear. My style definitely wouldn't be defined as edgy; I just don't like things to look too sweet, so I will add combat boots or something studded. This military jacket is the absolute perfect thing to wear with any outfit, for any season. It instantly adds that cool-girl vibe because it's perfectly broken in, and it takes a gauzy tank to a new level. 

I wanted to create an outfit that would be a little too girly for my taste on its own so I could throw the vest over it. Distressed jeans work perfectly with a sweet, cream colored tank in a lace-like material. The gold cap toe on the flats matches with the gold jewelry.  A vest and a top knot are the finishing touches to the look!

{pictures by Courtney}

Random question, but what books do you all recommend? 



  1. I love how youve done your hair xx

  2. you look amazing!! love your style!



  3. these photos are so lovely!


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