Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY: Bleached Shorts

It's time for a long awaited post! This DIY for bleaching shorts has been requested by so many people now. I'm so excited to finally have it to share with you all. If you just want to bleach your shorts, only follow to step three. For those of you who want the red ones, read the whole post!

Pair of jeans to cut or denim shorts
Fabric scissors
Red Rit liquid dye
Plastic tub
Rubber gloves

Step One: Cut your jeans into shorts of your desired length with the fabric scissors.
Step Two: Put your shorts in a tub with a mixture of half bleach and half water. Let them soak for a couple of hours. Be very careful not to get the bleach on anything else, and wear the rubber gloves.
Step Three: Wash and dry the shorts. Distress them with the fabric scissors.
Step Four: Follow the instructions on the Rit dye bottle and dye your shorts red.
Step Five: Rinse the shorts in the sink until the water runs clear. Wash and dry them by themselves.
Step Six: Go tailgating and support the Hogs with your new red shorts! :)


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