Wednesday, January 2, 2013

YouTube Subscribtions

Almost as much as I enjoy scrolling through my favorite blogs, I love checking my YouTube subscription feed.  I have found some users who make terrific beauty and fashion videos. There is a whole other element in the videos that you just can't get out of blog posts. All of these girls are worth checking out. Here are some of my favorite users:

Macbarbie07: Bethany was the first user that I started watching, and even though she's only 17, her videos are so professional! Her outfits are always my favorites, and her makeup tutorials are perfect because she's in high school and doesn't put on a ridiculous amount.

Sarahbelle93x: Sarah has such a classic, preppy style, but she still takes risks. Her tutorials are simple but stunning. She is super into monograms, and actually inspired me to get my monogrammed necklace. Not to mention, Sarah is absolutely gorgeous.

Meghanrosette: Meghan's personality is what helps to make her so great! She shows it in all of her videos, and her hair and makeup is always flawless.She doesn't do as many fashion videos, but I'm a fan when she does. 

Msbrittanybrat: Brittany has possibly the best preppy and classic style ever. Her outfits are always so nice and put together. After watching one of her videos, you will probably want to go and recreate her hair or makeup look. I also personally think she looks like Ali from Pretty Little Liars. 

Arose186: I'm a huge fan of Arden because she is an Arkansas girl with a definite personality. Her makeup is classic with a twist, and her style is effortlessly chic!

Stilababe09: Meredith's clothes are literally the cutest things ever. Her styling makes them all the better. She has super gorgeous long hair that will make you want to grow yours way out. 



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