Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY Denim Vest

I have owned this jean jacket for years, but it doesn't fit right anymore. Its pretty much perfect from the wash to the distressed parts, except for the fact that the sleeves now awkwardly come above my wrists. When I found myself eyeing a $50 denim vest at American Eagle, I realized what I could turn this jacket into. Welcome back the DIY's!

-Jean Jacket
-Seam Ripper
-Scissors (Fabric scissors work better, but regular ones will work)


Step 1- Turn the jacket inside out to find the inner sleeve seams.

Step 2- Use your seam ripper to start undoing the seams. Do this carefully! Do the entire sleeve. This part can take a while depending on your seams and how focused you are. For me, each sleeve took about an hour. However, I did it while catching up on the Lying Game, so I wasn't completely focused.

Step 3- Do the other sleeve.

Step 4- Clean up stray threads and fabric using your scissors.

Step 5- Wear it over a cute spring outfit!
{I decided to try the obnoxious fourteen-year-old girl look. Complete with duck face, mirror pic, and a latte}

I sure have missed my DIY's. It's so much easier to do them for the warmer months! Check out the tab that shows links to all of the DIY's that I have done. Comment suggestions for any you want to see!



  1. this is a super cool DIY! denim vest are a hot trend!

  2. Wow!! So talented you are <33

    Love the look



  3. That looks awesome! You have a great style! Wish it was warm enough here to wear clothes like that!
    New follower :)


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