Sunday, July 7, 2013

Crazy Tips/ July Playlist

I'm sure you noticed how I changed my hair if you checked my last blog post! Since I wore uniforms to school every day this year, I decided to do something a little crazy for summer. I painted the last few inches of my locks with pink hair dye as soon as school got out. The results are perfect; I love the color and the look! 

{Taken by Tori}

To add something new to Simply Daring, I decided to start making a playlist each month! I will share some of my favorite music with you all for different situations. I designed the July playlist for an upbeat pool party or barbecue. Comment if you enjoyed!



  1. Aww you're cute. Love the pink in your hair :) And that's a great playlist too ;)

    x Gi

  2. ah this is so cute! :D i'm so jealous of your pink dip dye, if only i had light hair to do cool stuff on it

  3. Your hair looks so cool! Love it.


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