Sunday, July 22, 2012

Style interview: Jenna

Last week I didn't post any because I was having the best week of my life at church camp! God showed Himself and impacted me in so many ways. I also had an amazing time meeting new friends and doing all of the camp activities!

Style interviews may be my favorite type of post! For some reason, I find it fascinating when I ask people the same style questions and see how everyone's answers are different. I also love seeing the outfits that they pick out. My dream job is to work at a fashion magazine so I could style shoots and interview celebrities.

I'm so glad that Jenna agreed to do a style interview with me! She is definitely someone whose outfits inspire me. She never dresses boring, her choices are bold and daring. Jenna mixes patterns like a pro. Enjoy her interview!

Simply Daring: What are your five clothing or accessory staples?
Jenna: Pearl earrings, cardigans, floral print, headbands, and bracelets.
SD: Who is your favorite designer?
J: Jenna Lyons- she is the designer for J Crew, and I am in love with J Crew and J Crew kids! I love the outfits she puts together because they are elegant, yet new... something you don't see everyday.

SD: Is there a character whose style your really admire?
J: Spencer Hastings off of Pretty Little Liars.
SD: Clothes from which decade or era should make a comeback?
J: The 50's!! I love the dresses that are featured in The Help!
SD: Why do you like fashion?
J: I like fashion because it separates people from other people and lets you stand out. Also, you get to express your personality though your clothes!

SD: What are your favorite stores?
J: My favorite stores are J. Crew, GapKids/Gap, Forever 21, and Old Navy.
SD: Which country or city has the best style in your opinion?
J: Italy!

SD: Who is your style icon?
J: My style icon would have to be Emma Stone.
SD: Are you currently saving for a fashion purchase?
J: Yes, it's a J.Crew pleated striped dress.
SD: How do you describe your personal style?
J: I would say my personal style is not like anyone else's, but it still is semi-preppy.



  1. awww such a cute girl. this is a really nice outfit and a great interview :-) I had fun reading it.



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