Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back Details

American Eagle shirt, Gap tank, DIY shorts 

Some of my favorite pieces are very simple and look plain in the front, but they have eye-catching details in the back. This shirt and these shorts both have these details! The shirt has a pretty printed ribbon tie across the semi-open back. Lace pockets are the short's back details. If you haven't already seen it, check out the DIY for these shorts here. They are super cute and easy to make. Simple, but bold details in the back make a difference that will get you noticed!

I've been busy lately trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. I am not stopping the blog, I have just been out of town and with friends. I would really love to hear ideas from any of you! Email me, comment on this, or contact me through the Facebook page. Knowing what you want is very important so that I can post things you want to see!



  1. awww i love that shirt. the color is awesome and i love how it looks on the back :-) it is really really nice and you look very good in it.


  2. Today is my blog's anniversary! it would mean alot if you checked it out!


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