Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Favorites

The YouTube user macbarbie07 posted a video recently that inspired this post. It was all about her favorite summer products. My makeup, hair, and style is usually a lot easier and carefree in the summer. I didn't use all of the exact categories that she did, but I used most of them. Personally, I love hearing about the different products that people use. If you have a blog with a post like this tell me, or put your favorites in the comments. I would love to try out your favorite products!
Most of these pictures aren't mine because I didn't want to post pictures of my used products. I will cite each picture back to it's original website.

Favorite Eye Product: This Too Faced pallet is absolutely amazing. It has the greatest natural colors with just the right hint of shimmer. The cards that come with it help you easily recreate the best natural eye looks.

{buy it here}

Favorite Lip Product: My favorite lip product for summer is this Burt's Bees lip balm. It's a great moisturizer, has a nice scent, and is 100% natural.

{buy it here}
Favorite Blush: The staying power and color of this makes it my favorite! The consistency is almost a cross between cream and powder, and I love it!

{buy it here}
Favorite Liquid Face product: This Clinique foundation covers all of your imperfections while working to make dark spots and acne disappear. It has SPF 15, which is great for summer because you should always protect your skin from the sun.
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Favorite Perfume: I am in love with this VS Pink perfume that I purchased this winter. It was special edition, and it isn't sold anymore though. It has a light and sweet scent perfect for summer.

Favorite Accessory: Bracelets are definitely my favorite summer accessory. I love layering them all over my wrists. My collection includes friendship bracelets, Emi-Jay hairbands, and wrap bracelets.

Favorite Clothing Piece: You probably guessed this one, shorts! As most of you know, I absolutely love a cute pair of shorts. I kind of have an obsession with them.

Favorite Nail Polish: Since brights are my favorite type of nail polish, you can see why I like this hot pink OPI polish so much. It is definitely one of my favorite polishes that I own.
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Favorite Hair Product: During the summer I never want to straighten my hair because of how long it takes. Using a beach spray like this makes beachy waves that won't fall out because of humid weather. This is one of my favorite sprays that I have used!
{but this here}


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