Monday, November 26, 2012

Studded Collar

Target shirt, abercrombie jeansTarget shoes

My obsession with detailed button down shirts continues. Gold studs embellish the collar of this otherwise plain black button down. I was at Target the other day with one of my friends when I saw this shirt. I didn't have money with me then, but I was so in love with it that I had my mom drive me back the next day so I could purchase it. The shirt is simple, but the studs make it memorable.. Simply daring! ;) I couldn't resist. I decided to add my leopard loafers since the shirt sort of has a diva vibe to it. 

{Courtney took all of these gorgeous pictures}



  1. you are gorgeous!!!
    i love the shoes and the shirt <3

  2. GO GALLY. Eat some fudge. I have a lot. Just sitting in my home. next to my cat. I hope he didn't eat any, because then he would be fat for your wedding. that he is the groom of. and you are the bride. GOOD TALK EVERYONE.


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