Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday

Isn't Easter the perfect holiday?! It's all about God's love for us and Christ raising from the dead. Guys, Jesus died to save US. He left the grave empty to fill up the empty parts of us. It's so huge that we have somebody who loves us so unconditionally that He would die for us while we are so messed up.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday. I spent mine going to church, having a family lunch, and relaxing. It was a treat to get to see and spend time with family that isn't around enough. Our traditional meal, which included ham and carrot cake, was delicious. Sunny weather made the day even more perfect.

This year, I wanted my Easter outfit to get as springy as it could. The weather lately has been insane, and I wanted to embrace the nice day as much as I could. My dress was a pretty, pale pink color, and it had some fluttery parts. Over it, I wore my white blazer (it was only $20!), and belted it to add shape. My sandals even got taken out of hiding for the perfect weather.

What did you do for Easter?
Romans 5:8


  1. Love the cellphone case! The whole post is very festive :)


  2. I love all the kind and lovely words you had about Easter! It truly is a lovely holiday and I was happy to spend it with friends! However, I wouldn't have minded a slice of carrot cake at your place, that sounds lovely!




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