Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sequins and Lace Pockets

Today, I will be having a new kind of post. At the top, it's just an outfit post, but if you scroll down there will be an article about how to add lace pockets to denim shorts! I'm going to try to have these DIY posts once a week. I hope you enjoy!

Karis's Steve Madden Sandals                                
 As soon as I saw this gorgeous top at Savoir-Faire, I fell in love with it. The light mocha color, gold sequined collar, and high-low hem made it perfect. Also, I had been looking for a sleeveless button down shirt! I added some classic denim cutoff shorts, gold leaf earrings, and sandals to complete the look.  I feel like when a shirt or dress has details like that, you want it to be the main show. If you’re like me and your hair is super long and thick, put it up. A topknot is effortlessly cute and it draws attention to whatever you are wearing. Plus, it’s easier to show off cute jewelry.

DIY: How to Add Lace Pockets to Denim Shorts

For this DIY, I'm using a cute idea my friend Courtney actually told me about. It is a very easy craft to do and is great for summer. It's also inexpensive! You will be seeing and hearing more of Courtney because she will be taking most of the pictures for the blog! She is an amazing photographer. We both did this together, and I hope you enjoy seeing our results and try it yourself!


-Pair of denim shorts
-Pencil and Paper for tracing
-Stitch Witchery (Use as a bond between lace and denim, you can find it at any fabric store)
-Fabric Scissors

Step One- With pencil and paper, trace the back pocket of your shorts. Cut this out. It will be your template for cutting the lace.
Step Two- Pin the lace in place over the template you just made. Cut it out with the fabric scissors.
Step Three- Trace around the lace on the Stitch Witchery. Cut that out with regular scissors.
Step Four- Place the lace and the Stitch Witchery on the back pocket of your shorts. Trim as needed so it is only on the pocket and none is hanging off. 
Step Five- Separate the two layers of the Stitch Witchery. The one that is more see through should go between your shorts and the lace. The other layer will go over the lace. 
Step Six- Place a dishtowel over your shorts and press the iron onto the pocket. Hold the iron down for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other half of the pocket if your iron didn't cover the full pocket. Repeat on the other pocket.
Step Seven-Enjoy your new shorts!



  1. I knew that when you posted those pics on Instagram that they would some how end up onyour blog.

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  3. Thanks Corrie! And Darcy, Maddy already told me about your blog. It's cool!!


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