Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Classic Prep

{abercrombie cardigan, Hollister shirt,
Gap cords, MIA Boots}

To me, this outfit is the epitome of original Abercrombie! It has simple, preppy details, but it manages to feel modern. The general pieces were what made this work: a button down, a cardigan, skinny pants, and riding boots. I altered the model outfit to my style by switching skinny jeans for cord jeggings and wearing a colored cardigan.
{Courtney took the pictures including this amazing one of my eyes}

Okay guys, so I'm for real getting back into regularly blogging soon. I have finals Thursday and Friday, though. After that, I have Christmas break for two and a half weeks and I have some exciting plans for posts! Be expecting a couple of outfits, DIY gifts, favorite beauty and fashion YouTubers, and others! Follow me on BloglovinFacebook, and Instagram (@simplydaring)!



  1. I love the balance of casual and preppy in this outfit, and the color of those boots are perfect!

  2. cute look claire! Thanks for your comments xoxo!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment! Adorable outfit! Hope you stop by again!


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