Monday, December 24, 2012

DIY Christmas Gifts

This is super late, I know, but I promised a DIY gift guide. I had finals last week and had to finish these gifts. Also, I just got back in town from family Christmas an hour ago. I've been extremely busy, but I wanted to post this so badly! I hope this gives you inspiration. I don't know if you will be able to do any of these before tomorrow morning; however, they could be late gifts or ideas for next year. Enjoy!

Gift One: Painted Canvas with a Quote on It
This is a gift the recipient will adore because you can make it completely personal to them! You can pick one of their favorite quotes or Bible verses, paint it to match their room, and add photos or extra detailing like glitter. I'm not the most artistic person but the ones I painted turned out well. My friends loved them because they knew it took much more thought to make than to buy a shirt.

Gift Two: Cute Food Item
I wanted to give easy-but-cute gifts to my friends at school and youth group this year. I decided to go for this cute idea! My mom and I worked together to make these cups that resembled Santa's belt and pants. They were super simple; you just hot glue a ribbon to the top of a red Solo cup and add a washer as the belt buckle. The treat we put inside was Cap'n Crunch and pretzels with melted white chocolate on them-- delicious!

Gift Three: Sock Bun Sock

This gift is definitely the easiest one on the list! It take about 5 minutes to make. All you need is a tall sock and scissors. First, cut part of the sock off, including the toe. Then, roll the sock to make a donut shape. Roll your ponytail around it to transform your hair into one of the cutest trends.

{Roll the long section}
{End product}
{how to via Hello, Framboise!}


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