Monday, June 4, 2012

Blue and Grey

I'm super excited because this will be the first post where Courtney's pictures are shown! I hope you all enjoy seeing what a great photographer she is. I'm very thankful that she wanted to help me with the blog! Here is an outfit post:

This top is a perfect example of "Simply Daring". The simple part is the grey t-shirt. But, it's daring because of the blue sheer fabric on it! I love where it is placed, and how on the bottom of the front it's kind of diagonal. It totally puts a unique spin on the shirt, which is what I love. I paired it with my white cut off shorts and black sandals. The stone on the sandals is what caught my eye about them. 

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  1. You must have an amzing and beautiful and talented and smart and funny best friend.

    1. I wish I was exactly like her... But nobody will ever be that cool.


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