Saturday, June 16, 2012

Studded Denim DIY

Although this is only my third DIY so far, it is by far my favorite! I have been wanting to stud denim cutoffs forever, and am so glad I finally did it. I bought Levi shorts and cut them to the length that I wanted. These are basic instructions for studding denim and you can use these instructions whether you want to stud yours the way I did or differently.  I apologize for posting this a day later than I said I would! I had a very busy week and there just wasn't time for me to write a post yesterday.  I hope you love your shorts as much as I love mine!

-Denim Shorts
-Studs (I used about 170, and I purchased two packs of 100 gold 1/4" studs)
-Flat tip screwdriver
-Disappearing Ink Fabric Marker


Step One- Use your fabric marker and ruler to mark where your studs will be. I made mine 1/2 an inch away from the front of one to the front of another.

Step Two- Stick the prongs of your stud through the denim where it's spot is marked.

Step Three- Turn shorts inside out. Hold the stud so it doesn't move around and become crooked.

Step Four- Use your flat tip screwdriver to push down each of the prongs.

Step Five- Repeat with each of the prongs.

Step Six- Go over all of the prongs, and make sure they are all pushed down.

Step Seven- You're done!
{my finished shorts}

{what Courtney did to hers}


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  1. great pants ... i recently made pants like that myself :-) i love studds :-) it looks awesome. you did a great job.



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