Monday, June 25, 2012

Vintage Violet

{the store}

If you have been reading my blog, you probably know that I'm in love with one of my local vintage stores, Vintage Violet! It's such an amazing store. They always have the cutest clothes and jewelry! Also, they usually have all sorts of unique vintage furniture and home accessories. Stephanie and Leea, the girls who own the store, have a talent for picking you out clothes that look great on you. Their signature item is probably their cutoff shorts, which are on my wishlist at the moment. The girls cut, dye, bleach, and sew patches onto the shorts to make each pair perfectly unique. 
{their amazing cutoffs}
{just look at this}
{vintage necklaces= perfection}
I highly recommend that you check out Vintage Violet. It is on College in Fayetteville, in the same building as Maude. If you don't live there, check out their Facebook Page because they will ship. Everyday, they post pictures of shoppers modeling their cutest items. You can see me wearing Vintage Violet here and here. If you shop there, please tell them that I recommended the store to you!:) 
{couldn't resist going in there without buying anything}
{new shirt with the studded shorts}
{even the shopping bag is presh}

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  1. very very cute clothes and the store looks awesome ... and the clothes look even better :- )i wish i could go there but i guess i am too far away unless they ship to germany :-) you really look great in that pink blouse! awesome, i love it.


    1. I talked to the girls who own it, and they said they would ship to you!!

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