Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend in Kansas City

This past weekend, I enjoyed a quick getaway to Kansas City. My family had the last minute opportunity to get free tickets to the X Factor auditions, so away we went. They gave us floor tickets and our seats were only 7 rows behind the judges, Louis, Brittney, Demi and LA! The show was amazing and we saw so much talent. The whole process, including the things you don't see on TV, was very interesting. If you ever get the chance to see something like that, I recommend that you take it! 

 Besides seeing the show, I met up with a friend that lives in Kansas City and went shopping at the Plaza. I loved going into the stores that we don't have and shopping around there! Some of my favorites were Urban Outfitters, H&M, Anthropologie, J.Crew, American Apparel and Free People. I'm including some pictures of things that caught my eye in those stores. I hope you enjoy!

{blazer & scarf at J.Crew}

{denim shirts with brights at J.Crew}

{dip dyed shorts at Urban Outfitters}

{dotted jeans at Anthropologie}

{graphic sleeveless button down at 

 PS- Some of you that follow me on Instagram have been asking me about the studded shorts I posted a picture of. The DIY for those should be up this Friday! 



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